Import and Publish Your Process Repository

Business Visualizer is a great tool to empower your end users with knowledge of all
process elements contained in your process repository. Besides standard publishing via
Intranet or Internet portal, Business Visualizer enables:
  • Annotations
  • Collaboration and feedback on all process elements, from your business user community

Currently supported business process repository / import format:

– ARIS™ process repository (Software AG / former IDS Scheer) – XML export.

We can import full content of the above process repositories with just few clicks.
Business Visualizer is being actively developed to support various formats of business process repository. For any other format, please contact us – we will quickly assess, develop and deliver required import connector, all you need to do is to extract your process repository in standardised XML format. That may include various business process annotations, most notably BPMN and ARIS™ EPC (Event Driven Process Chain).

From that point on, leverage the collective intelligence of your employees for better execution and continuous business improvements.

Key Business Benefits:

increased_45_caps knowledge of all process
leverage_45_caps of the collective intelligence
of your employees
better_45_caps execution and continuous business