About Us

Mola Mola Ltd, creators of business visualizer, gathers expert team
in the area of business process excellence.
A selection from our core team is:

Marko Šimić

Founder and CEO

Marko is a Business expert with over 20 years of experience in delivering business process excellence solutions to our clients in order to achieve superior results in strategic orientation, planning and delivery of enterprise IT solutions.

His strong focus was was always on extracting real business value from the enterprise IT. With multiple projects under belt in planning and delivering complex systems – such as SAP ERP, EMC2 Documentum, ARIS portfolio (from Software AG, former IDS Scheer), he saw with increased clarity how well designed and implemented BPM (Business Process Management) system can contribute to competitive advantage of his clients.

Marko’s full life-cycle project experiences include complex BPM implementations in banking, financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and service industries. His entrepreneurial and curious spirit is constantly driving innovation and improvements both in product as well as in project delivery excellence.


Mirko Lulić

Director of R&D and CTO

For the last 12 years of his professional life, Mirko has immersed himself into integrating business and technology through formal modeling and visualizing of business processes as well as developing agile, comprehensive IT specifications. His focus areas are: business process automation, content and document management systems, custom applications development. He act as Head of development and senior consultant for BPM (Business Process Management) and DMS (Document Management Systems, with special expertise in EMC2 Documentum) projects as well as ARIS Business Architect Solutions (from Software AG, former IDS Scheer).

Having successfully delivered numerous implementation projects in banking, financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and services industries, he developed big passion and ability to deliver strong enterprise process management solutions with fast, visible results and multiple agile iterations with business end user communities.

Mirko is a strong believer in agile methodologies of software development and has designed Business Visualizer with the following big picture in his mind – to empower all business end users with the benefits of great technologies and business process excellence.