NSK Library Client Experience

NSK is the Croatian national library, treasurer of the national bibliographic heritage and the largest library in the country. NSK is key source of references for studies, research and general public.
Business Visualizer facilitated communication of large number of users, saving time and improving agile, faster project delivery.

Dinko Korpar

Risk Manager

Suzana Kos

Head of Financials and Controlling

The Challenge

National and University Library in Zagreb, driven by its business requirements and legislative changes, had to improve its financial management and control processes. This was also required to provide better services for its clients as well as better cooperation with other libraries and business partners.

The Solution

Business Visualizer as a platform, enabling transparency of business processes, both current practices as well as targeted, improved process proposals. Its ease of use together with enabling great process visibility is the key to quickly validate processes, exchange process knowledge and improve our current practices. Simple logic and navigation were a positive surprise – business processes are no longer a “rocket science” to our business users. From our experience, quality and precision brought by Business Visualizer helped to significantly cut process analyses time and improve final process designs.

The Result

Thanks to strong quality and timely delivery of our project, both the results as well as developed partnership with Mola Mola were beyond our initial expectations. We will further increase the scope of use of Business Visualizer in continuous business improvement, especially in the area of implementing unified internal controls. We expect further great contribution of Business Visualizer towards our business improvements as well as reinforcing our overall quality management system.