Better IT Requirements

Aligning business and IT is a big topic. In order to produce great results,
the communication channel between business and IT needs to be:
  • Pragmatic and useful
  • Simple and comprehensive
  • Collaborative
  • Agile

The above enables better identification and capture of business requirements at early stages of articulating ideas and conceptualizing business needs. This in turn enables better, faster and cheaper IT implementations of your key business requirements.

Business Visualizer is a great tool to facilitate continuous dialogue between business and IT in the following ways:

nr_1Enable visibility of business processes and their key ingredients (events, functions, rules, organization, systems, applications, documents and forms);

nr_2Start simple and effective dialogue and collaboration in building, refining and approving business requirements relevant to development or modifications of IT applications;

nr_3Integrate visibility of business process with simple and powerful collaboration on documents within the process model in order to produce superior results (speed, quality, agility).

Key Business Benefits:

faster_45 qualification and delivery
“from idea to result”;
better_45 quality and reduced costs of IT development,
implementation and maintenance;
improved_45 agility for your faster response
to market demands.