HAKOM Client Experience

HAKOM is Croatian Postal and Electronic Communications Agency, the regulator of postal and electronic communications at the Croatian market.
Business Visualizer is our tool of choice to visualize and collaborate on our business process repository previously created by ARIS Business Architect. This enables our processes to reach end-users, to be alive, to evolve and continuously improve.

Silvije Šeremet

Head of IS/IT Department at HAKOM

The Challenge

HAKOM had already invested in creating a repository of core business processes and IT infrastructure (systems, applications, application components and interfaces) in order to better manage its processes and IT landscape. In order to leverage this strategic asset, it was essential to empower ordinary business users to use and collaborate on business process repository. In order to make full business sense, process repository had to become a live database for collaboration and business improvement proposals.

The Solution

After careful evaluation, Business Visualizer was selected as a winner. Key reasons for this choice:

> Easy and complete import of ARIS repository (XML format);

> Out-of-the-box, integrated and easy to use document management capability, fully integrated into the process model;

> End-user oriented, feature rich collaboration environment, enabling annotations and feedback on all process elements with an added value – simple maintenance of process weak point catalogue;

> Competitive price

Business Visualizer installation was fast and smooth, as well as training and acceptance for both process repository administrators and end-users.

The Result

HAKOM’s core business processes and IT landscape are transparent now and have reached our business users. This enables us to collaborate and improve on a continuous, daily basis. Business Visualizer is for us also essential in order to provide transparency and visibility to our key stakeholders, due to the nature of our business as a regulatory agency.