Better Compliance

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) should exist to help business in achieving quality, performance and compliance. Every mid-sized to large business has SOPs in some shape or form. Thus said, lots of business people tell us how their SOPs are:
  • Cumbersome
  • Outdated
  • A tedious theme altogether

Do you wish to change that? How about having visual, searchable process representation and simple, “lean and mean” procedures describing shortly, precisely and up-to-date how a specific process element works? And then, if needed for any purpose, capability to generate comprehensive and accurate documentation at one click.

Business Visualizer is a great tool to help building and maintaining live, focused and accurate procedures that people will love to write, read and maintain. It is designed for ease of use by every employee, who can access up-to-date SOPs in digital format.

This is achieved through the following:

nr_1Enabling graphical visibility of business processes and their
key ingredients (events, functions, rules, organization, systems,
applications, documents);

nr_2Simple and effective collaboration facility
enabling quality dialogue in building, refining
and approving procedures;

nr_3Integrated visibility of business processes with the power of
simple and effective document management system to produce
superior results (speed, quality, agility).

Key Business Benefits:

faster_45 creation and maintenance of complex
business procedures (SOPs);
friendly_45_a focused and searchable – easy to get to the point as well as to see the whole business process;
one_click_45 to generate accurate and comprehensive documentation on any business process, when and if needed;
enabled_45 continuous process and SOP improvement and maintenance by engaging end users with their feedback and proposals.

Please get in touch with us in order to see how Business Visualizer may help to achieve better compliance and better SOPs.

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